8:30am – 9:45am Sunday School & New Members Class
10:00am – Morning Worship Service
1st Sunday – Holy Communion

Noon Day Prayer
7:00pm 1st, 2nd, 3rd Wednesday Bible Study
7:00pm 4th Wednesday Fast & Prayer
6:30pm 4th / and or 5th Wednesday Baptismal

In early 1947, the Reverend Harvey Rankin asked the Congress Heights Baptist Church to consider helping to start a place of worship in the area of Carmody Hills.  In the summer of that same year a revival meeting was held.  The meeting was held under a grove of trees on the lower side of the present site.  Looking toward the formation of a church, about 15 people made public declaration of their desire to assist in forming an organization in the area.  The first lots purchased were at 73rd and F Streets, N.E.  Ground was broken on June 19, 1948. 

 In early 1951, all of the 10 lots had been purchased in full and an entranceway to the church was made on 73rd Street.  The church purchased a heating plant in May 1952; at that time plans for the chapel’s second unit were drawn.  Groundbreaking services took place February 1953, and construction begun in March 1953.  On December 6, 1953, the Carmody Hills Baptist Church was dedicated as a chapel and became a church. A transition began in the late 1970’s.  The community grew and surrounded the church.  With continued steady growth came a need for more space.  The groundbreaking service was held on March 14, 1981.  The building project was completed and on Sunday, January 12, 1986, the Carmody Hills Baptist Church family marched triumphantly through the community and into the new edifice for worship; celebrating the Church dedication in grand style.

From the late 1970 through 2000 many ministries blossomed and were incorporated because of the vision of the great men chosen to shepherd the Carmody Hills’s family to name a few:

Senior Choir                                                  Male Chorus                          Usher Board
Deacon Board                                                Bible Study                            Trustee Board
Women’s Ministry                                         Praise Ministry                      Missionary Outreach
Transportation Ministry                               Youth Ministry                      Christian Education

Following Reverend Harvey Rankin, the following pastors succeeded him at Carmody Hills Baptist Church:

Reverend B.L. Gupton
Reverend Earl. L. Peoples, Jr.
Brother J.T. Davis (lay preacher)
Reverend Arland W. Benningfield
Reverend William E. Calhoun
Reverend Lyman Ferrell
Reverend Charles Flaesch
Reverend Grant Coffman
Reverend Thomas Martin II
Reverend Phillip Coram
Reverend Dr. Frank Mathis, Sr.
Reverend Oscar L. Broadie, Jr. (Current)

In March 2011, God saw fit to send to Carmody Hills Baptist Church family the current pastor, the Reverend Oscar L. Broadie, Jr., under his leadership the church is continually growing spiritually.  Throughout the years, Carmody Hills Baptist Church has had numerous spirit filled leaders and we praise God for their dedication, diligence and hard work.  We thank God for the first brick laid on the foundation and we continually ask God’s blessing upon years to come.